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Choosing your new spotter
Getting the perfect fit
Weight training shoes need to fit snugly to create a solid base which won’t slip when you lift. Your heel and toes should fit securely for a lock down feel that won’t move. That’s why we’ve designed weightlifting shoes with solid, adjustable upper wraps, featuring Flexcage technology to increase your stability and comfort. Half sizes from 2 to 14 in men’s and women’s shoes are available, so you can get an exact fit every time.
Reebok weightlifting technology
Take your lifts to new heights with our sports science technology helping to take the strain. When you lift you mean business and our technology supports you. Experience:
Optimal heel-to-toe ratio designs to help improve your squat technique.
Grip rubber soles that provide unbreakable traction.

Upper straps or U-FORM+ Thermo TPU midfoot wraps that provide lock down, customisable fits.